PotHoles Drainage Discs – Large (2 pack)


Improves Drainage
Improves oxygen flow
Maintains plant moisture

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PotHoles Drainage Discs give your Potted plant perfect drainage in one easy step! Hydroponic filler holds moisture for plants while improving oxygen flow, eliminates soil messes by covering drainage hole, no more searching for loose rocks or clay chips and Potholes are reusable -just rinse off and place in your next pot. Available in 2 sizes, small which are best for 6″ to 10″ pots and large which are best for 10″ to 14″ pots, or the multi-pack which holds 2 small & 2 large. A portion of all sales will be donated to lung cancer research in honor of Christine Burge, inventor of PotHoles who passed away from non-smoking lung cancer in January 2007.
Improves Drainage
Improves oxygen flow
Maintains plant moisture
Eliminates soil messes. Reusable
Comes in 2 packs

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