All Terrain Wheel System for YETI Cooler – The Rambler X2


All Terrain
8″ Flat Free Wheels
Level Cooler in the resting position

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Cooler not included. After years of research and development, we are proud to offer a wheel system worthy of a YETI Cooler and those that own them. With our Patent Pending design, the Rambler is all about ease of use that is compact and packable with quick set up and take down using the integrated tie-down slots on YETI Tundra Coolers. NO tools, NO nuts & bolts, NO HASSLE. The Rambler works with the YETI 50 through the 125 and won’t disappoint. YETI Coolers are tough, but the Rambler is tougher, and when the rubber hits the road, its gotta be. With two axle positions, you can choose between having a completely level cooler when stationary or a higher clearance position for even the roughest terrain. These 8″ Marathon wheels are flat free, maintenance free, and worry free. Any terrain; rocks, sand, mud, or stairs, no problem. The rugged 3/16″ aluminum plating is shaped into form fitting brackets that snuggly fit to a YETI like a thumb in a bass’ mouth. Its just meant to be there. Some proud owners of the Rambler see no reason to ever take it off. And why would they? The Rambler does not take away any functions of a YETI, including the drain plug. And now with the Double Duty Lock Hook you can secure your YETI and Rambler to your truck, boat, or whatever with a cable lock (not included). While the Rambler starts with great wheels, it finishes with a one of a kind Telescoping Switch-grip Handle that is specifically designed to attach to YETI’s molded-in handles. The handle’s two position telescoping lengths allow the user to stand upright and to maintain a comfortable distance from the cooler while walking and can switch to be right or left handed. Without this, the cooler will ride up onto the heels of the user especially down hills. This handle gets the job done and then swings down, and out of the way. The Rambler takes your YETI anywhere with more ease than ever.
All Terrain
8″ Flat Free Wheels
Level Cooler in the resting position
Telescoping Switch-Grip Handle
NO tools, NO nuts & bolts, NO Hassle

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